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I remember times
breathing got easier
cradled up against your chest
weak and afraid and needy
maybe it would have felt right
to just fade into that dark
soothing realm
caught somewhere in between insanity
and comforting peace

That night
I wished for the secret ability
of being capable to enforce time
to stop running and keep me caught up in that moments
forever and ever
Until my fear would be gone
until despair slowly vanished
until I got calm
if I could rest in your arms
just a little longer

I listened to the soft thudding sound
of your heart-
under that awesome smell of yours
which I´m secretly, terribly addicted to
And the heat of your body,
the strange hope of yours
that irrational belief into an invisible strenght of mine
infected my whole self

You amazed me
all over these years
that I tried to keep save in my shivering fists
that I awfully wished to not run away
I just kept living on for those rare moments
being shyly unfolded by your words
being thightly kept sane
by your closeness

your words
your breath
your self
felt closer than my own skin
and living suddenly felt like flying
fleeing the darkness inside of me
discovering brightness
just by watching you smile
freeing the pathethic wish
to belong to you
and remain in your arms
one more time


13.6.10 21:05


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