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That one dear friend

I feel like walking back that creepy road
I kept on walking way much earlier
far away from the threatening presence
The sky above me
offers all its glittering lights to me
and me, I´m shivering
´cause I´m searching just for that pure one
I lost somewhere in the beauty of eternity

And I´ll keep on sticking my eyes on to the ground
I would walk every single step again,
I´d let my soul fly up to the sleeping sun and awake her
To beg her to give me that star back again
That star, so breakable, but strong, so innocent while wise
I´d promise her to not ever let it drop again
And I´d trade part of my my longing heart
to see that smooth surface shimmer once again

For that dear friend I lost somewhere in the emptiness
For the very one whose smile I´d never wanted to fade
And even if I knew he went to the land of fairytales
Even if he let go of me on purpose
And if he´s happy as he´s never been
With all my heart I want to rest with him again
And ignore if I´d have to travel places
Heaven itself forbid me to see

For that one dear friend I miss with such a desperate wish to be his friend again.
To Sven.
Well... I just TERRIBLY miss my favorite mate .__.
7.3.09 00:35


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