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Rain..oje wie alt is das?

Dark rainclouds in the sky
are whispering
to me
telling me evrything
speaking a language
I can´t understand
that is part of my past, present and future.

Little teardrop,
don´t let me go.
I miss the rain
with all my soul
the near it is
the more I see
that noone ever will be
with me.

Can you hear the thunder?
Can you feel her shutter?
Can you catch a lightning?
Can´t you see her?
Can´t you see her?

Can you eat the feeling?
Will you ever remember?
Can you watch the dust fade?
When she calls in despair.

Lightnings are dividing
into heaven and hell.
Blowing and laughing
the wind takes away
my hat.
It´s lost in the darkness
just as me.
I´m sitting on the ground
while the very first
touches my face.
It hurts like a knife cuts my skin.

Heart of nature
will you see
noone can ever find the place
where I wanna be
cause I,
I am not me.

Can you feel the ground is moving?
Can you see the stars in sky?
Can you feel her crying?
Won´t you stop her dying?

Can´t you see her face bleed?
Can´t you hear her suffer?
Can´t you find her letter?
Won´t you even try?

Are you blind or heartless?
Do you think it´s fine?
Are you not her murderer?
Just in any way?

Tears are taken away
by the rain.
Now my skin is so cold,
I think I can´t deny.
I surrender!
I surrender!
Can you hear me?
Can you save me?

Sky is crying
on my wounds
I can´t stand it
So sweet,
so beautiful.
It kills me
with angels´ tongue.

Can you feel the darkness?
Can you be the heartless?
Won´t you even try?
Can´t you hear her cry?

Are you sick or sleeping?
Are you nice and kind?
But what does it matter,
what does it matter now?

It´s exploding
in my head
so delicious,
so sad.
I can feel it
I can see it
I can´t stop it
don´t know how.

Please don´t cry.
Please don´t cry.

It´s okay.
It´s okay.

You are not a human.
You have let her die.
But I
I didn´t stop her.

I miss the rain.
I miss you.
I´m so sorry.
I couldn´t save you.
I´m too late.
I´m too late.

I love you.

27.12.08 00:53


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