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Paradise...? Heaven...? Hell...? Love...? Loneliness...? Prejudices...? Strenght...? Faith...?

"So?", Rosa the lamb asked, her black face suddenly covered with the shadows of the soft whistling trees above them, " If that´s so, I won´t go to Heaven. That´s for sure.

I cannot imagine there exists a place like Heaven for me without you by my side. I´m definitely not going to loose my very precious, my heart, my soul, not even for beeing allowed to go to heaven.

You think that could be Heaven anymore? That´s surely not the way, Heaven is like. It´s hell.

See", she tried to explain, her nose shyly touching the wolf´s dark, rough fur while closing her eyes, trying to find the right words to express the feelings in her head, "they say, Heaven is a place like paradise.

Joy, happiness, peace, freedom...sure, you´ve heard about it lots of times. But how, how could I ever be able to feel joy again, you think, I´m going to rest beneath blue waters, sleeping, dreaming, enyoing myself, think, I´d be able to run across the bright fields, the warm sun shining down upon my face, while the only thing you´d feel was loneliness? Really think so? Think, that´s Heaven?

No, my very precious, for me it´s even worse than hell. If that´s the way it´ll turn out to be, I won´t go to Heaven. I´ll stay with you, whereever you´ll go. Even if that means, I´d have to go to hell, burning to eternity, you´d still see me smiling, as long as I only can stay with you. That´s because my love is deeper than all their prejudices. Much deeper than all the things on earth and even stronger than death. Cause without you evrything is meaningless. That also goes for Heaven."

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