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My precious...

My precious

My precious.

If you smile, it´s like your smile burns my skin

Though it doesn´t hurt at all

it causes so much pain

deep inside of me.

My precious.

When I´m with you, it feels like beeing with an angel,

sad and torn, lost and shattered

but far too shiny

to let it out.

My precious.

Beeing at your side

is like trying to catch a snowflake

maybe you may touch it

but if you come too close

it just melts all away

My precious.

Maybe your heart is ripped and sad

and though noone knows

there are times

I can see the tears of blood

shining through your eyes.

My precious.

Your touch is like flying side by side with the wind

There´s no time I don´t miss it

There will be no time

I´ll ever deny it

without shuttering deep in my heart.

My precious.

I love you.

But beeing with you is like beeing with an iron prince

And I always knew, I´m not an iron princess...

26.9.07 18:01


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