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Some days I want to put my heart into a cup of coffee

Some days I want to keep my curtains shut and dim the lights
And imagine that there existed a sun outside
A sun that brightens all the dark thoughts
Not only an emotionless burning fireball
That sun that awakes cold and broken warriors
safe and sound in peace and joy
and fights their fears and despair

Some days I want to stroke the spider´s head
And feel the angry touch of the glowing eyes rest on me
I´d try to be as soft as a marshmellow´s insides
I´d walk to the kitchen and fetch it some flies
And as I came back I´d look forward to maybe
be able to at least solve its problems
And as the bird sings its triumphant song
I could still believe it only left on its own will

Some days I want to take a candle to the shower
And pretend that light and heat are even stronger than water
I´d see the flame grow wider and prouder
I´d see there was a little hope within the fire
And it took its impacts on the watching ones
I´d watch it die under the shower
so I´d have to close my eyes to still believe in wonders

Some days I want to hike down all the forrests with a bonbon in my mouth
And all the animals would come to rest
And listen to my content singing
I´d play the flute and laugh over the footsteps in the mud
I´d fly with the wind and run with the wolves
And as the darkness closes in I´d kiss the baby rabbit goodnight
and put the music on to not hear the shot and pretend it´s all right

Some days I want to put my heart into a cup of coffee
And watch it touch the smooth dark surface
I´d see it dive into the depth and to the ground
My cold body would start to whistle a quiet lullaby for it
Freed of that emotions I cannot stand anymore
Which would be swimming
in the eternity of a blood-flavoured coffee getting colder

23.1.09 18:54


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